Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday is Laundry DAY!!

I wonder sometimes if Monday as "Laundry Day" is a thing of the past?

A hundred years ago, it made sense for many reasons. Busy, hard working farm wives had to line it all up -- the piles of dirty clothes -- the fires to heat up the water -- the hauling of the water, etc. It obviously TOOK ALL DAY...and starting off the week by doing laundry gave the rest of the week a certain order, don't you think?

My mother's generation didn't question things like laundry day. Near as I can tell, every woman in the neighborhood continued to do their laundry on Monday -- even though by that time, they all had hot running water, automatic washing machines and electric (or gas) dryers.

Nowadays, most young mothers do laundry every day of the week...maybe Monday is no different than any other day...

But, if that's true -- it makes me sad. Because I still love, love, love having Monday being my LAUNDRY DAY...

AND I have a Pinterest board with hundreds of pictures like this to prove it!!
It is possible I love collecting PICTURES of doing laundry more than I actually love DOING THE LAUNDRY...

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