Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Good Job, Landon!!

August in Iowa! Time for the Iowa State Fair -- and produce from your own garden. Everybody on Facebook has been posting pictures of their cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans, etc.

We are overwhelmed by the tomatoes all of a sudden -- and one day -- THIS walked in my kitchen door!!
The cabbage was actually TOO BIG for halupkes...

The kid attached to the cabbage was pretty top-quality, too!!
He's been gardening with his Grandpa Dean. And he was sooo proud of this enormous cabbage!!
I paid $7 for the coulda-gone-to-the-fair enormous cabbage. Then I tried to make halupkes -- but the leaves were just too it all ended up being more of a casserole. I should've made sauerkraut instead!! I used to do a lot of that.

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