Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Best Garage Sale Find EVER

During my recent porch party, my friends encouraged me to freshen up my old chairs with some new slipcovers...but I was not enthusiastic, because they're just too old and worn out. They are not that comfortable, and they have a very sharp piece on the bottom. I thought about replacing them with swivel office chairs...but they probably wouldn't hold up very well...
I was hoping these  two worn out glider chairs had ONE LAST year in ém...
BUT, alas, I needn't have worried. Here is my favorite RITALUCK story of the summer...

It was a typical Saturday. Bert and I went to a moving sale in a very expensive neighborhood. The houses are as big as hospitals.
This particular mansion had an enormous pool in the 3 acre back yard.OMG...
Bert bought a quilt, and a bookshelf.  The owner helped us load the stuff in our car.

There was a huge set of outdoor patio furniture...cast aluminum with striped cushions. A large table, with eight dining chairs and two swivel club chairs. I asked the guy if he would be willing to sell the two swivel chairs separately?

He said he didn't want to break up the set...then I asked if it would be okay if I stopped back later in the day? He said that would be fine...

On my way out of town (about 3:00) -- I went back. My intention was to leave my name and phone number -- with a "bid" of $50 for each chair. They were in excellent condition, and the black and white upholstery will fit perfectly on my newly refurnished porch.  I have done enough window shopping of outdoor furniture to know this was high quality stuff....I figured chairs like this would cost $300 apiece.

But, before I even had a chance to make an offer...the man said, "thanks for coming back. If you want those chairs, you can have them for $20 each."

OMG. I was so THRILLED... I said, "great! I have to go home to get my husband's truck -- I'll be back!" He put a "sold" sign on them.

I went home, loaded up the two OLD porch chairs and drove them directly to the Salvation Army.

I was back at the mansion by 6:00 -- OH MY GOD....I am sooo delighted I just can't tell you.

It's like I wished these chairs into my truck...and for only $20 each??

Of course, I checked on the internet -- and if I bought them new - these chairs would be $1500 EACH. Seriously!! Who would pay that?? Most of my cars didn't cost that much...

I still CANNOT BELIEVE THE RITALUCK....I am sooo delighted.

They are completely perfect!! And they swivel for extra-special bird watching....


  1. Holy Cow Rita! You do have some serious Ritaluck! I have a friend that has Trinaluck......looking for some Judyluck. LOL
    What a find and perfect for your room. And that house....OMG!

    1. I know, right?? My mother always said some people have more money than sense...and just the size of these new mansions is quite amazing...

  2. You did get really LUCKY! YEA for Rita luck!