Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cambridge Auction

Well, Bert and I hadn't been to Cambridge, Illinois for awhile. One of our favorite auctioneers, the Stenzel Brothers, was having a big estate sale...and here's what I came home with...
This was just the stuff that came out of my trunk...
A metal doll trunk, $3, big box of silverware, $3...
Including a nice set of stainless steel ice tea spoons...
Monopoly game, wait -- what's Linda's Yoga mat doing there??
TWO boxes full of serving dishes for $2.50
These two little silhouettes were worth the wait. 
Yes, I waited for hours to bid on them.  Can you see the clothesline theme??
The two little silhouettes came with a vintage Friendship picture.  I paid $35 for the three of them.
But -- the BUY OF THE DAY ($2.50) -- had to be the two linen flat perfect condition. Embroidered. Words. All my favorite things...and what do they say??
The left sham says, "Sweet Lillies Close Their Leaves At Night"...and the right sham says, "And Open With the Morning Light"

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