Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yea or Nay for Project Runway Allstars?

I've gotta tell you -- I miss Tim Gunn. The editor-as-mentor woman didn't really bring much to the party.

And I was a little underwhelmed during their initial runway show. Which was supposed to be a "recent" garment...and none of them were memorable. I was especially disappointed in Kenley's blue prom gown....what are you doing, hon?

During the final runway show -- they almost didn't show Mila's outfit. I had to go to the Lifetime website to see what she really did...and you should, too. Because it was VERY INTERESTING...and I think it was pants. But the editing of the style show was awful.

I still love Mondo and would have given him the win. But I worry about him -- because I thought he looked AWFUL. What was with the loose, baggy tank top he was wearing? C'mon, Mondo -- it's time to cheer up. I mean -- YOU'RE BACK ON A REALITY SHOW -- RIGHT? How bad can things be??

But it does make you wonder. What does happen AFTER the show? Because it's television, after all, and we think being on a show like this and being able to showcase your talent will make such a huge difference in your life. But maybe after it's over, Mondo and all the rest of them went home and the phone never rang...

Now I'm wondering...

Sending Elisa home was certainly a NO BRAINER. For crying out loud -- what language does she speak? She goes on and on and on...pointless, nonsensical talking...the words all sound like English...but the way she puts them together makes it all incomprehensible.

Gibberish...which is a very good word that could also be used to describe her designs...and WHY WOULD THEY BRING HER ON TO THE ALL STAR SHOW??

Hey -- Maybe the fact that they brought Elisa BACK means every other designer who was ever on the show GOT A REAL JOB??

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