Friday, January 6, 2012

The Christmas Nightgowns

Okay -- so you already know that many brand new "Nick & Nora" nightgowns turned up at the Salvation Army. I added some zebra sleeves and cut one down to fit Lillian. Mommy & Me nightgowns seemed like a great Christmas gift...(brand new, with the tags on 'em -- they cost $2 each)...
As it turned out, the fabric from these nightgowns became the inspiration for Christmas 2011...

For example, it suddenly occurred to me that with a few sewing tweeks -- I could transform the ugly little sleeper Lillian's baby doll was wearing into a LOOK-A-LIKE nightgown!!

In this picture, the girls (altho fully dressed at the time) -- are wearing their 2011 Christmas nightgowns...Emily, Lillian, the baby doll...and....can you see what else I did??

YES, OF COURSE -- I made a nightgown for Sophie, too!!

Here, Sophie is posing with the babydoll...

Sophie's outfit was a last-minute inspiration when I was at Walgreen's on Christmas Eve. Checking out, I saw a little doggie t-shirt and it HIT ME. But I didn't have much time and I'm not smart enough to figure out how to make a doggie dress -- so I had to buy the t-shirt for a base.

I paid $7.99 for Sophie's t-shirt!! So it officially cost more than all the adult nightgowns put together!

Yes, I know. I am incredibly cheap. In the next picture -- you can see MY NIGHTGOWN...which started as a knit zebra dress....I used the 2011 inspiration fabric to make square sleeves....then put it on the yoke....and as an insert in the front....

I didn't get a picture of me wearing it. Yet.

Gheesh...I LOVE TO SEW!!

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