Monday, January 16, 2012

Quilt Cuff

I've had several questions since I wrote about Ross's duvet cover -- particularly about the "quilt cuff".

At a later date -- I will post pictures in this blog of a few of my vintage "quilt cuffs". I first learned about them when I was doing research for my book, "Dress Your Dream Bed". And I have always thought they make SUCH PERFECT SENSE -- they should be making a big comeback.

Here's the thing -- the quilt cuff is something EXTRA that I made out of the TWO PILLOW SHAMS that came with the duvet cover. Sorry...I forgot to say that.

I have NEVER been a fan of the pillow shams that come with the "bed in a bag". Let's be honest -- you put a $5 Walmart pillow in it -- and if anybody really sleeps in that bed -- they toss those two pillows on the floor when they go to bed.

But the great thing was that those two shams provided me with more than enough matching fabric to make the quilt cuff...

And the purpose of the cuff, of course, is to catch all of the grime that comes from pulling your covers up at night. If you do it right -- the cuff will be the only thing you ever touch -- thus, protecting your quilt or, in this case, the wool batt.

It's such a wonderful idea, it should be packed in every bed-in-a-bag...instead of the two worthless pillow shams...

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