Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanks, Jolly!

One of the best things about the Minneapolis Original Sewing and Quilt Expo was getting the chance to visit with friends -- like Jolly and Rhonda -- sitting here in the front row of the theater -- getting ready for the Midwest Ya Ya Sister show...

Jolly was telling me that she bought a little sewing machine for her FOUR YEAR OLD granddaughter. I thought that was really much too young for a sewing machine...

But then again -- Lilly is going to be three on her next birthday -- and she is already VERY coordinated...

Jolly recommended the Janome "mini". It sells for about $50 -- and is VERY lightweight, with just a few simple stitches (straight and zig zag) -- but the important part -- the bobbin case -- is REAL. It is not a toy. It's an actual sewing machine that is very lightweight, and only goes at one predictable speed...

I got excited to think that maybe -- by the time she's four -- Lilly could be making THIS...Jolly's granddaughter and her first quilt. She was SO PROUD...I love the picture -- with just her smiling eyes and her feet showing...
Of course -- I had to LEAVE MY BOOTH to go on the hunt for a Janome mini. Jolly has been a sewing teacher for many years. When we met she was organizing a big sewing program in Wisconsin. (she was Mary Mulari's friend first) So I take her recommendation very seriously...and she has been happy with the Janome mini.

Let me repeat -- IT IS A REAL SEWING MACHINE -- with a real bobbin case and a real sewing machine needle (always Schmetz, of course)...So if you buy it as a gift for your little one -- it will require ADULT SUPERVISION...

Wow. it just keeps getting better and better, eh?


  1. This looks like a great little machine! Super idea Rita! Here's another - if the legs aren't long enough to reach, just put a box under the presser foot - or even a little foot stool. That's how I started.


  2. That looks like what I need haha!! You'd think I'd have a mom or AUNT that would teach me how to use a sewing machine hahahaha!! I still use a needle and thread by hand. ~Kelcy

  3. I got one for my granddaughter at Expo a couple years ago. She's older (she was 10 then) and been using my machines for several years. I got it so she could use it by herself. Mom and step mom don't sew!

  4. Kelcy -- I am bringing a sewing machine TO YOUR HOUSE TOMORROW NIGHT....and I am NOT KIDDING. Love, Aunt Rita