Saturday, November 26, 2011

Janome Mini's

Okay -- NOW THAT I GOT MINE -- I can tell you that the Janome mini is on sale at Hancock Fabrics for $39.99. WHA?? My friend Jolly assures me it is the PERFECT little starter sewing machine...and I was lusting after it -- WHEN I SAW IT IN THE HANCOCK AD this week...

Of course -- we like to refer to this phenomenon as "Ritaluck". And I am pleased to tell you that the sale is good for at least a week -- maybe until December 3.

I actually had TWO crazy sisters go to town on Black Friday -- and they BOTH called me from Hancock Fabrics to make sure I got my mini.

Thank you, Deena -- Thank you, Ronda! Of course, I decided to get TWO mini's...just in case. Because maybe Lilly will need to have one at my house and one at her house...

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