Tuesday, November 8, 2011


As you know -- I've been working with Rhonda Pierce of Schmetz Needles to teach at some of the Original Sewing & Quilting Expos -- in Chantilly and Kansas City -- and THIS WEEKEND -- November 10,11 & 12 -- MINNEAPOLIS.

Mary Mulari and I will be doing our Ya Ya Sister Act this weekend in Minneapolis. Mary will also be presenting several workshops about Designer Sweatshirts...her newest apron ideas...AND I'll be doing my Life Is Not A Dress Size.

AND we will present our BRAND NEW EVENING EVENT. Lots of quick gift ideas for the special people in your life...and I'm taking ONE NEW IDEA Mary has never seen. She doesn't even know it yet...

If you go to Schmetz Needles blog you'll see a slide show Rhonda put together.

AND if you have any restaurant recommendations for Minneapolis -- please feel free to SEND THEM TO ME. We get soo hungry working in the booth all day -- and I HAVE A CAR AND A GARMIN...

STOP BY THE SCHMETZ BOOTH this weekend to say hello.

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  1. And, even if you can't stop by the Schmetz Booth - run out to your local fabric shop and buy some new Schmetz needles! I had a revelation a few months ago- instead of trying to keep track of what kind of needle you are taking out of the machine, don't even bother. It's fine to just throw it away and put in a fresh needle to match your project. Anything to keep the fun going and the frustration away is worth a few pennies. Thanks for helping spread the message Rita!