Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Linda's Upcycle Collagel

Okay -- so maybe this blog post went up last Sunday. But, remember, I DON'T BLOG ON SUNDAY...or at least, I'm not supposed to...lol...

And I intended for it go be posted on Tuesday -- my book clubber day...because it's about them...again...

Last week, Aunt Ada joined us for breakfast. She's a little miffed in this picture because when we saw her coming in, I thought it would be funny to move to another booth...where she wouldn't see us right away. I was wrong...(this is a private joke only Jackie will understand)...

In the next photo -- you can see Linda showing her latest collage creation...these are SOOO interesting...can you see what she used??

She cut up a vintage magazine to decoupage the strips around the wooden frame...and there's some antique keys, bits of jewelry...and.....what's that....??

Any guesses?

Take a really close look...that's right....you guessed it!!

DRYER LINT!! No kidding...the gray fluffy stuff is dryer lint!!

Yes, it's true. My cousin Linda is very easily entertained.

Her mother -- not so much....

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  1. Hilarious! Great way to start the day with a huge laugh! Thanks, Jackie