Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Shopping

Everybody has their own "holiday traditions" -- and Black Friday shopping is A BIG ONE. This is a picture of Elliott, last year, looking over the Thanksgiving Day ADS in the local newspaper...

He and Emily start out at Midnight...and for maximum benefit -- they split up so they can hit
TWO stores at one time. Maybe he'll go to Best Buy and she will start at Walmart...

They have their shopping strategy and communicate via texting on their cellphones....from the moment they leave the house, they have a master plan and know EXACTLY what they're shopping.

The other day, there was a Menard's commercial about their Black Friday specials -- one of them was about a special hot price on some Rubbermaid...?? I said, "I can't believe anybody would stand in the cold to save money on plasticware..." Elliott said, "That's Menard's for you, Mom -- they're not even trying."

My tradition has become spending a quiet day with Lilly. I'll cook the turkey carcass off the bone and make some turkey soup. I'm pretty sure we'll be baking some cupcakes...

If I'm smart about it -- THAT will become our new Black Friday tradition!!

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