Friday, November 11, 2011

A Special Day

Today is November 11, 2011. So at the top of my documents today, the computer is saying "11/11/11". All the digits are the same...double elevens...

I don't know why the world isn't making a bigger deal out of this. The double digits have some significance for two of my favorite guys. My husband Ross and our son Elliott...

Because it is the only time this will happen in my lifetime....I actually had to write down the years to try to figure this thing out. Let me see...there are only 12 months in a year, and 30 days in a month (or so) the double digit days were...

1/1/11 or 1/11/11
2/2/22 or 2/22/22

Okay -- so it happens once every hundred years. Wow. I am NOT a numbers person. But my husband John has an interesting date thing with his birthday. He was born 8/22/44. so every time the year is a double digit, so was he. He was 11 on 8/22/55...and then he was 22 on 8/22/66....and he was 33 on 8/22/77...and he was 44 on 8/22/88...then 55 on 8/22/99. (But on 8/22/2011 -- John was 67 years old.)

AND, throughout his childhood -- our son Elliott had a lot of trouble sleeping. Although he has come to terms with his insomnia -- one of the things he did, every night, for years and years...was look for 11.11 on his digital clock...

He had to see those numbers before he could go to sleep. Yes, I know...OCD is a terrible thing...

I'm just saying I'd like to wish all of you a special ELEVENS day. Somebody should have done a better job of naming it...

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  1. 11/11/11
    Well I get a day off today - I am celebrating by not doing my day job(benefits), nor my home job and I am gonna sew all day long!
    Happy Eleveneses!

    Sounds like we're gonna have tea down the rabbit hole.