Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Project Runway Team Challenge

Okay -- so last week, I was traveling on Thursday -- so I didn't post about Project Runway. Mary Mulari and I were doing our Ya Ya gig at the QSC show in Cincinnati. Fortunately, our hotel did have Lifetime on their cable I was able to watch.

I didn't mind this team challenge so much because every designer got to make their own garment. But the constant commercials for HP is beginning to annoy me.

So -- okay -- it's the HP episode. I get it. And -- HEY -- if you are a designer -- being able to DESIGN YOUR OWN FABRIC is an amazing opportunity....I always watch the show thinking about what I would do...which, sadly, not one of the remaining designers has ever done. The "create your own fabric" seemed like a complete surprise to all of them.

I would take my HP digital camera to the Guggenhiem museum and snap about 20 pictures. C'mon, ALWAYS KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN...YOU ARE IN NEW YORK CITY!!

With ten designers -- nobody could think beyond taking disjointed videos of the crowds of people in Times Square. ugh. Their concepts were boring, similar and WEAK...

Chaos on one team, with a busy woman bustling about town. Time is short on the other team, with a busy woman bustling about town and a clock theme...both teams produced boring video of cabs and people rushing...wha???

They both came up with terrible, boring black & white fabrics. HP should be able to issue a fine for "failure to design"...

Hey -- after my visit to the art museum, I would have hand-painted one large artpiece with Kandinsky-like design -- to be used in a wrap, or a jacket or maybe on the bottom of a long skirt -- and design coordinating fabrics on the HP make the other pieces for the collection. This challenge should be SO AMAZING...

C'mon, people -- DESIGN !!

Kimberly didn't even pretend to play in this episode -- her garment was boring, way too short and had nothing to do with any of the HP fabrics. Becky went home even though she actually designed the only memorable piece of fabric in the entire show...

Anya's win was a mystery -- because that dress was just so-so -- and can you tell me what fabric she designed? Oliver's jacket was okay -- but, again -- it had NOTHING to do with the challenge. For me -- Viktor's long dress was the clear winner.

Sadly -- the ONLY PRINT I liked on this show was the shirt Josh Anthony wore on the runway. Now -- THAT was an inspired piece of fabric.

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