Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Missoni Collection at Target!

TODAY, September 13, IS THE DAY they launch the Missoni Collection at Target. If you want to see some great pictures of all the amazing things that will be available, click here.

I WILL BE THERE AT 10:00 when the store opens. I can hardly wait....I'm pretty sure I need some new plastic dishes (this is a new passion for me -- always from Target)...

Last week, I heard that some Target stores were getting their Missoni merchandise early -- so I called two local stores -- one in Clinton and one in Davenport. Neither store seemed knew what I was talking about.

Could it be possible that the people at Target don't know the Missoni collection is coming??

On Sunday, I actually went to the Target store in Clinton to see if they had a hint of Missoni...nothing....

As I was checking out, I asked at the cash register about the "Missoni Collection". Two clerks gave me blank looks...

Now I'm worried. Because I think it's such a big deal, I figured every Target employee in the country would be involved in this designer launch...

Here's what I learned. The local employees -- the store clerks I was talking to, for example -- will have nothing whatsoever to do with stocking the shelves with Missoni.

The trucks will arrive in the middle of the night on September 12....and a crew will completely set up the Missoni. When the regular employees arrive at work -- the re-merchandising job will be all done.

That's how it works? Wow.

I think I'll buy a suitcase...and -- hey -- THERE IS A CHILDREN'S COLLECTION...!!

BOOTS??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Lilly loves boots!!

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