Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bye Bye Oliver


This week, Heidi is thrilled to announce a Project Runway "First" -- an unknown band playing an unknown song wearing garments made by unknown designers.

Is it just me -- or are these clothes really, really bad??

I have never watched an episode when I thought every single garment sucked. But these outfits were so contrived...I honestly can't pick the loser.

That said -- at the end of the day -- I AM DELIGHTED THAT OLIVER was finally voted off the island. He deserved to go because he had absolutely no range and very little "game".

It used to be his accent that worked on my nerves -- but the last two weeks -- it's been his constant insensitive remarks about FAT PEOPLE. OMG...

Where was this boy raised? And by who?? He was so incredibly rude -- I was hoping his bearded band member would punch him in the nose.

That said -- it was another goofy episode. The only memorable moment was when Tim was critiquing Joshua's jeans -- he said the exposed zipper would bring attention to the crotch -- and Joshua looked at him and said, "I know..."

I felt sorry for the drummer guy. He had to wear Anya's hot mess (it couldn't even hold together for one song) and Kimberly's ugly Halloween tunic...

Those two girls should thank their lucky stars that Oliver had NO CLUE how to deal with a REALLY BIG MAN...

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  1. Yea! to Oliver finally being booted off.
    Every week this season I think I am NOT going to watch the next episode because a little Heidi and Michael goes a long way --but then I cave.

    During the last few seasons, have they exhausted all of the designers in America? OR are the others too smart to be humiliated in public?