Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Deborah's Ultimate Recycle, Part #2

So, after our pleasant BLT lunch -- we are enjoying Deb's usual "sew and tell" projects.

Her son, Mitchell, owns his own business. "Hammertime". He does remodeling, additions, decks on houses, etc. And he is a gifted mechanic. Recently, he got his kids involved in Go Karts. Remember Austin? My guest to the Living Land & Waters barge party? Well -- turns out he LOVES RACING. So Mitchell is spending most of his free time "wrenching" on go carts.

AND HE NEEDS AN APRON. Really? When is the last time this happened? A son called his mother and asked, "could you make me an apron?"

Deb was delighted. Although, it needs to be heavy duty -- it needs pockets for gauges and greasy car parts.

So, she was thinking about how she'd make the apron...and what fabric she'd use...when it hit her.

Deb has a pair of our Dad's bib overalls.

OH MY...

Mitchell was very close to his Grandpa Little. As a matter of fact, my Dad was the best man at Mitch's wedding -- on the day he married his beautiful bride, our Stacy.

Yep. Making a "man's apron" out of Dad's bib overalls is a brilliant idea...Deb was so inspired, she actually got TWO APRONS out of Dad's bibs. I'm wearing the apron made out of the front of the bibs and Deb's wearing the apron she made out of a pantleg...note the stunning embroidery...

Deb was very clever with the pocket. using the existing pockets, she opened them up and added some heavy canvas to the back -- making one big tool pouch.

She's a genius, I'm telling you. Pure genius...

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