Monday, May 2, 2011

Westby, Wisconsin

I love, love, love a nice little road trip. The day before my trip -- I gas up the car and go to the library to select a few good books on tape. The morning I'm leaving, I make a fresh thermos of coffee. My favorite roadside convenience store is Casey's. Their bathrooms are usually clean, their coffee is always fresh, and I love their pizza. At some point during every trip -- I end up buying BBQ Potato chips. (My cousin Jackie's snack of choice...and we have gone through A LOT OF CHIPS in our road-trippin-career.)

Elliott was away for a week of training -- so I planned a visit to Emily & Lillian in Sparta, Wisconsin. It should be a four hour drive... but, because there are so many great places to stop and do a little thrift shoppin' -- I always manage to turn it into a six-hour treasure hunt.

This trip was no exception.

No matter what state you live in, there are charming little towns just a short drive from where you are. Bert & I do a lot of day-trippin on Saturdays.

I was looking forward to this road trip. And -- although I have driven through it many times -- this was the first time I've actually stopped in scenic little Westby, Wisconsin.

I always admire their regal Viking when I drive into town...

Westby has a vibrant little downtown -- with many shops and restaurants....

And who could resist the ACTUAL Ole and Lena Kaffe Hus???

On the road to and from Sparta -- I filled my back seat with treasure of all kinds...and it was a wonderful trip in every way.

But I have lots of BIG TRAVEL coming up in May. So, after just two nights, I came home...and was greeted by John's Yellow tulip...with it's rogue red petal...

The best part of any trip is pulling in your own driveway...


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