Saturday, May 28, 2011


HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!! I'm planning on a big weekend of DOING NOTHING...which, believe me, I am very much looking forward to. With any luck -- there'll be some television, eh??

If you are an American Idol fan who is missing your show -- GOOD NEWS!! Every Tuesday, you can tune into NBC's new talent-show contender, "The VOICE". I AM LOVING THIS SHOW. If you have "on demand" with your cable company -- you should watch the early episodes. But whatever you do -- START WATCHING. The talent is amazing...and my early favorite is Vicci Martinez -- a pint-size singer from Tacoma!!

Here's a video of the "battle round" -- where she went head to head with another FABULOUS SINGER, Nicki Dawson. THANK GOD for YouTube, so I can watch this match-up over and over again...!!

Here's my only issue with The VOICE. The coaches are: Pop star Christina Aguilera, Country Crooner Blake Shelton, Soulful Singer Cee Lo Green, and Maroon 5 Frontman Adam Levine. During the "mentoring" part of the show -- each coach brings in an assistant.

Blake Shelton brings in Reba McEntire.


I just can't get over it. If Reba was available -- WHY DIDN'T THEY JUST HIRE HER??

Bringing Reba McEntire on to the show as the assistant to anybody feels like asking Emeril to bus tables....

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