Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Random Quilt Market Pictures

Quilt Market is like taking a walk in a beautiful neighborhood where every house is decorated with fabric...The vendors are SOOO COMPETITIVE when it comes to displaying their new wares.

Michael Miller can always be counted on to bring a creative theme...the phone book is where the staff hung their "capes"....fun, eh?
I don't know who thought about painting a child's wagon orange -- but I LOVED IT!

And, I attended a schoolhouse session where they were teaching how to make these beautiful 3-D flowers...
Even something like a simple folding chair becomes an opportunity to display fabric!!! These vendors work so hard, and do an unbelievable job of using fabric in inspiring ways...

Of course, all these elaborate booths take the better part of two days to create...it is A LOT OF WORK. But breaking down the booths goes a lot quicker....but the convention center crew had shirts for the occasion....

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