Thursday, April 3, 2014

Laundry and Clothesline Collectibles

Yes, we have breakfast EVERY TUESDAY. Yes, we have been doing it for years. Yes, we know how lucky we are. Yes, our husbands still act surprised...every single Tuesday.
Sandy, Lin, me and Linda...
Often, there is a Sew and Tell portion to our breakfast. Sometimes, we make a little day trip to an exciting local adventure. But mostly, the purpose is just our weekly download.

Of course, AFTER breakfast -- we do our usual GW shopping (Goodwill) -- and there is another thrift store in the same strip mall -- the Discovery shop is run by the American Cancer Society.  They do a lovely job of creating their store displays -- it's always so interesting to  see their new displays every week.  You can imagine how excited I was to see THIS huge display...
WHO KNEW??  Shelves full of laundry collectibles...old advertisements, irons,
A washboard acts as a frame for an embroidery 
Tons of advertisements in plastic sleeves.
I HAD to buy this one.


  1. The Discovery Shop is run by The American Cancer Society

  2. Did they have a mangle iron? I would love to purchase one of those! :)

  3. Yes, it is the American Cancer Society! And they do a great job...Hey, Carol -- we see mangle irons all the time at auctions. The last three sold for $1. But I'm pretty sure the freight to Canada would be like buying a Chevy...