Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Best Made Plans

Everybody's life is full of twists and turns. Unexpected detours...problems, blessings, challenges, them what you will. You NEVER know what's just around the corner....

And it is AMAZING to me how much my life has changed in the last year.

The company Ross was working for was sold, so he decided to quit gallivanting all over the world, doing the job of a wildlife cameraman -- and move back into our home to attend nursing school.

Elliott got out of the Army, and he and Emily moved back to Iowa (ten minutes from our house). Now these two wonderful newly minted little people, Lillian and Warren, are a big part of our daily lives....

Honestly -- I can't imagine doing anything else. I hope I make a difference in their lives, and I know they make a difference in mine...
If we are going "out" -- Lilly picks out her outfit AND mine.
This was Warren's first day out in the sun...(he loved it)
The kids spend Thursday night with us.,.it's an overnight...and we all love that time...(especially Elliott and Emily)
When Warren makes this silly new face, he looks like a little old man.
I can honestly say I do not remember ever enjoying my own kids the way I enjoy these two. But I know that won't be news to any Grandma out there.

For me -- a big part of the joy is that I SOOO LOVE THE DRESSING UP aspect that is our Lilly...
Lilly enjoys the dressy dresses
Anything with Tinkerbell is a big hit
The outfit she picked for her 5th birthday
Recently, when my clubbers came for breakfast...
As I am thinking about how happy all this makes me, I remember that I didn't plan any of it.

Hummmmm.....maybe that's the whole point.

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