Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sister Wives, HILARIOUS!!

Yes, my name is Rita Farro and I am addicted to crappy reality television. Hey, people -- IT'S BEEN A LONG WINTER.

It may seem like a waste of time -- but I am telling you -- sometimes it REALLY PAYS OFF.

Take the recent episodes of TLC's Sunday night show, "Sister Wives". I have never laughed so hard in my life.

Here's the set-up. Cody is married to four women. They live in Las Vegas, and have decided to have a commitment ceremony. But they cannot find appropriate dresses. Three of the wives are overweight...they want something modest, yet festive...
Meri, Robyn, Cody, Janelle and Christine.
A week before the big party (hundreds of people, planting a tree, writing a mission statement, etc.) -- they decide to HIRE SOMEBODY to make their dresses. The four of them will design their own dresses -- you know -- make sketches, pick out their fabric, etc. WHAT A GREAT IDEA...(oh, yeah -- that's sarcasm...!).  I perked right up -- because I KNEW this was going to be hilarious... 
And, of course they hire this young woman -- fresh out of design school!!
When the overly-confident young woman walked into the room -- I knew they were in trouble. What was my first sign? Well -- let's start with the fact that she was carrying a $100 sewing machine. Oh-Oh...
Meri's brown dress made her look like a Sherman tank.  She ended up buying the green dress instead. Poor Christine wore the orange curtains -- and Janelle wore the puckered royal blue debacle...Robyn (in black) had to find something in her closet 5 minutes before the ceremony...
That young woman actually did make two dresses that were worn...but they were both amatuerish and butt-ugly. At the very last minute, Meri (green) and Robyn (black)  had to find their dresses elsewhere. BIG SHOCK. That young woman was sooo in over her head.  This mission was a COMPLETE FAIL.  And the fact that she even agreed to take on this four-dress-challenge was simply a measure of her own ignorance. SHE HAD NO CLUE how much work was involved -- or how difficult it was going to be.

Here's the thing that strikes me. If you are really good at something -- NOBODY gives you any credit. EVER. No matter what it is -- baking bread, sewing, quilting, painting, writing, cleaning...if you're good at it -- you make it look easy. Which is why NOBODY THINKS IT'S HARD. But it is!!

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  1. I laugh right along with you at most of the same Reality shows. The dresses were really UGLY! The colors---UGGG, and the shiny Blue on a big woman just smacks homemade! If you lived closer we would hang out. It has been a very long winter. I'm missing EXPO because the last two times I tried to go the snow came and cancelled my trips. I was happy to find the NBC SN channel to watch the Olympics during the day while I sewed. Funny for me to watch Sister Wives, I had a Great Grandpa or two or three who were Polygamists in Utah.