Saturday, February 15, 2014

Seams Unlikely

I have been looking forward to my little road trip. Today was the day I was supposed to be driving to Madison, Wisconsin...there are so many charming little towns between here and there...
Mineral Point is chock full of interesting stores
Every time I go through this place, I think I'm going to stop here and find out more about it...
This was last year, when I drove through Wisconsin for Nancy's Sewing Weekend...
Sharing a cup of tea with Nancy at her office...

But -- I got sick.  I have one of those awful colds -- runny nose, ears popping, sore throat...I am MISERABLE.  And most likely contagious....  So there won't be a charming little road trip for me today...but here's the review I wrote about Nancy's book on

Nancy Zieman writes in a very matter-of-fact way about her life -- as though none of it is remarkable.   But when you think about what she has accomplished -- becoming the most recognized woman in the sewing industry, being the talent behind the longest running  program on public television (Sewing with Nancy),  and building a multi-million dollar sewing notions business (Nancy’s Notions) and the most recognized sewing brand in the country (Nancy Zieman)…well -- it’s all quite remarkable. 
Especially when you consider that when Nancy was only 14-months old, she contracted Bell’s palsy, and that was just the beginning of a life full of chronic pain and multiple surgeries.  There is a picture in the book showing teenage Nancy with TWO full leg casts.  But at no point was there even a hint of self-pity….and maybe that’s the most astonishing thing about her story. 

Nancy’s parents never let her be defined by her problems or her pain.  Instead, they raised her to have a quiet determination.  At one point,  Nancy’s father is told she must have another surgery and circumstances dictate he has to leave her alone in the hospital.  He walks away, crying.  Nancy recalls that moment by saying, “much is often conveyed without words”. 

Seams Unlikely is a great read -- and very inspiring.  It’s a real story about an ordinary person who is living an extraordinary life by overcoming obstacles, working hard, and always coming from a place of kindness and fairness. 

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