Saturday, February 1, 2014



And I certainly know that luck has a lot to do with that. I AM A VERY LUCKY PERSON.

But make no mistake -- I also am a careful planner -- and long ago, I realized I was in charge of my own happiness.

For example -- I choose jobs I am good at, and I give 100%.  If I feel unappreciated, or the job requirements move beyond my skills, I start to get a pit in my stomach -- and I know it's time to move on.

I also believe hobbies are important.  But they're like jigsaw puzzles.  As much fun as they are -- nobody enjoys doing the same puzzle over and over again.  Which is why I love sewing and reading.  They are hobbies that have definitely morphed with me throughout my adult life...

And I have incredible women friends in my life. I value them...and we take care of each sooo many important ways. But I don't keep score. I am quite happy to be the one who initiates the phone calls or visits. That's never been a problem for me.

The most important thing IS SIMPLY DOING IT.

You cannot say you are a reader if you never pick up a book. And you cannot say you are my friend if you never take the call or spend the time.

NIKE had it right. JUST DO IT is a wonderful motto for life. 90% of any accomplishment is because SOMEBODY SHOWED UP...and the older I get, the more I understand the truth of this...

Life isn't something that just happens to me.  Each day of my week has a purpose and a plan -- something-that-makes-me-happy.  And I have long lived by the rule that every single day, I do something unexpected and kind for another person.  

Monday is cleaning day (thanks, Carrie) -- Tuesday is breakfast with my Ya Ya's -- Wednesday I cook, Thursday I write -- well -- you get the idea.

And Saturday is my Bert Day. I look forward to it all week.  We start with breakfast, download our life, kick about, go to auctions, treasure hunt, do a little day-trippin. We've been doing it for over 20 years...and I'm happy to say, there is no end in sight.

Because we both know the importance of JUST DOING IT...

But my Bert/Saturdays didn't just happen.  Believe me -- there was some kicking and screaming. Both our husbands did their share of pouting...but, after years of JUST DOING this point, our families all know the drill.

So -- to honor my Saturdays -- here are some pictures of random treasure...some of it I brought home,  but, because Bert has better judgment than me, a lot of it didn't make the trip...

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  1. Rita, I love your blogs. Love hearing what you are doing and enjoy reading your wisdom. You have solid thoughts and I so appreciate you for them. Keep it going and know you are making a difference in the world. :-)

    Judy Brennan
    Overland Park, KS