Saturday, August 24, 2013

Friend Catch-up

Today I am on another ROAD TRIP.  Yippee!!  I will be covering for my friend Rhonda Pierce in the Schmetz needles booth at Babylock Tech convention in St. Louis, Mo.  I'll get to spend some time with my dear friend, Mary Mulari -- and -- with friendship as my theme -- here's my report on LAST week's catch-up...

Sue has been one of my best friends since we were in the 7th Grade. We never lost touch -- through school, marriage, living in different parts of the country, raising children. We have always enjoyed each others company. A LOT. But, for the last year -- Sue has been doing full time grandmothering and I've been working long hours and traveling. We were OVERDUE for a nice long catch-up visit.

Because it's her birthday week -- I wanted a SPECIAL PLACE for our breakfast -- so I picked the  The Indigo Cafe in Davenport, Iowa.  Here's what we ordered off their very interesting menu:

Italian Frittata 3 egg open faced omelette with mushrooms, spinach, asiago cheese artichokes and topped with a roasted red pepper pesto
I meant to take a picture -- but it was SO DELICIOUS -- darn it...

The little cheesy potato casserole as finger-licking good, too!!

I asked the waiter to take our picture -- right before he delivered DESSERT...

Oh, yeah -- this is a REALLY GOOD START for our special day!

After breakfast, we kicked around some antique shops and went to an Estate Sale at the Col Ballroom in Davenport, Iowa. Walking through those doors, we remembered the last time we were there -- for a dance in 1967!!

We walked and shopped, ate lunch -- we laughed, we cried, we shared the happy and the sad. We both have a lot going on right now -- and the great thing is that we completely, 100% "get" each other.  She knows me and I know her.  After four kids, seven grandchildren and 80+ years of marriage between us -- on this day, for a brief moment -- we both felt like we were 17 years old.

I am telling you -- CALL YOUR OLDEST, BEST FRIEND AND HAVE LUNCH WITH HER!! It is like a wonderful gift you give to yourself...


P.S.  You will not believe the Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania treasure I found at an estate sale!!

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