Friday, August 23, 2013

A Clothesline Invention

When I wrote about John hanging my thrift-store shoe bags -- I told you he fixed TWO things. This is a about his SECOND project. It was all about my clotheslines. They are very special to me. My Dad used to go up into the woods and find just the right young hedge tree -- it had to have the perfect "Y" branch. Then he would cut it and trim it, and turn it into a clothespost.

Dad put these in the ground the summer we moved into the house. 1981. Of course, over the years, John had to string new line...and it was time to do that again. The problem is that when I hang heavy sheets on the line -- the line droops so much, the sheets almost hit the ground...My Mom used to have some tall clothespoles to prop up the wet clothes -- but John came up with this invention...

At my house -- this is what love looks like...

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