Monday, February 20, 2017

Phyllis and T-shirt Quilts

I am DEFINITELY on a roll with Mary Mulari's new ragged edge-shirt quilts. There are so many things about it that appeal to me. For one thing -- it is allowing a t-shirt to BE A T-SHIRT..!!

Mary's method maintains the soft, flexible personality of all your favorite t-shirts...all those memories and smiles -- combines them with some warm flannel -- and -- WOW...!! What a great idea!!
When Mary comes to town -- we always have our "Rita's Sew Fun" Reunion. Phyllis, Mary, me, Judy and my sister Ronda.
This is a picture from last year, after our visit to the Figge Art Museum, Phyllis and Mary were admiring the napkin folding at the Hotel Blackhawk...
This year, Phyllis couldn't join us -- but Mary left some "gifts" for her. I called Phyllis to see if we could get together for lunch:

Me:  What day is good for you this week?
Phyllis:  I don't know if this week is going to work.  Andy (her daughter) is bringing over a basket of t-shirts from her nephew.  He's graduating from high school in May, and if we don't get started soon, we'll never get his quilt done in time.
Phyllis:  Yes, and we have to get them all cut down, and add the interfacing to the back...

At that point, I cut her off...and said..."I'm coming to your house in the morning. Mary Mulari is about to save you $250 and three months of your time..."

IT WAS GREAT.  I felt like a SuperHero!! I swooped in with an example of a finished quilt (thanks, Warren) -- Mary's new book/pattern -- and the perfect burgundy flannel flat sheet to use for the backing of the new ragged edge t-shirt quilt.
I had breakfast with Phyllis, her daughter Andrea and her THREE girls
Mary's new system will save them SO MUCH TIME...not to mention the money!!
And here's another thing about traditional t-shirt quilts. Like everything else in this world -- they have a lifespan. The truth is, this quilt won't be the one they put on the bed when they move into their first house. High School t-shirts fall into the same category as high school class rings. If you're doing it right -- it's a phase you move through..and that big, giant, expensive t-shirt quilt ends up folded, under a bed or in a tub in the attic...

BUT -- as a soft, ragged edge flannel  blanket weight, it becomes everybody's favorite sofa cover-up...

And THAT's a very good thing!!

Today's MMWI:  258.8.  Yippee Kayee!!  I lost one pound...which doesn't sound like much, but I AM EXCITED...

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