Monday, February 6, 2017

Mary's TMBC Day...Hotel Blackhawk Visit

Mary's first full day in Iowa was a full one.  After Swimfit, then lunch, we went shopping for treasures of all kinds.  With two cars loaded with quilt tops, we headed to the next stop on Mary's Iowa tour...

You know what a big fan I am of the Hotel Blackhawk.  Here's the blog post I wrote about the first get-together we had after their Grand ReOpening in 2010...

Since that first Cousin's Party -- I've been back many times -- for wonderful occasions. And I am never disappointed.
Rebecca took our order and brought coffee in a gorgeous shiny carafe, three different desserts, and some hot tea...(is it a bad thing that I know the waitress's name?)
Sandy and Linda...
Me, Mary and Linda...
Maybe the presentation isn't EVERYTHING...but it DOES matter, y'know??
After our dessert smorgasbord -- we adjourned into the lobby for our Sew and Tell.
My favorite photo of the day. I love that the light makes Mary's hair look like a big crown. I mean -- A BIG she ratted it up into a peak. Awesome. I'm gonna frame this one...
Mary, checking out a small part of the MASSIVE collection of Splendid Sampler blocks.
Mary showed us the new Criss Cross apron pattern. (that's her Mom's vintage tablecloth on the back).
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this apron style. It is the one my Grandma Little wore every day of her life. Mary figured out a way to make it reversible, and make adjustments for us big girls. Tying an apron behind my back has never really been an option for me.

THIS APRON IS PERFECT in every way. And you can buy it -- for only $10 -- on

I love her gloves, made out of two way stretch fabrics.
I enjoyed seeing the new projects Mary made -- some of them used to live on t-shirt mountain.
I think most towns have a fancy hotel.
And this week, as we endure the doldrums of a long winter...maybe you could make it your mission to meet a friend at the fancy hotel, have dessert and coffee and get to know the waitress.

Monday Morning Weigh-In (MMWI):  261

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