Monday, February 13, 2017

Children and Valentine's Day

Warren stays overnight at our house one night a week. His mom drops him off on Wednesday afternoon, and he spends the night and we have him all day Thursday.
After his bath, he puts on his favorite pajamas, and watches YouTube videos with Grandpa. (fun with Ferrets, or any kind of train video).
When Warren goes to bed, he wants Frankie to go, too. 
But as soon as Warren falls asleep, Frankie sneaks out of the room
Uncle Ross built a fort out of large cardboard boxes.
NOTHING could be more fun than that, eh?
On this day, we were having pancakes for supper.  Warren ALWAYS wants sprinkles on his pancakes now...
And I thought it would be fun to use some heart shaped cookie cutters.
A GREAT Valentine breakfast idea!  Warren wanted to take these home to Lilly.
Except that he ate most of them...

 Monday Morning Weigh In (MMWI):   259.8

(I know it's a squeaker...but, fingers crossed -- I have seen the LAST of the 260's..!  And it's been awhile...)

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