Friday, February 3, 2017

Mary's Visit: The Quilt Tops!!

So -- on Day One of Mary's visit, after lunch we went to this quirky little antique mall. You know the kind -- where different vendors have booths...and the prices are all over the place. You might find an Elvis on Velvet painting for $2.50...or, it could be $299.00....depending on the vendor.

I'd checked it out a few weeks before Mary's visit -- and it looked like a fun place to shop.

The five of us were doing fine...I already had a few treasures in my cart (wait until you see the gigantic metal butterfly necklace I got for $3.)...when we stumbled into the booth with ALL THE VINTAGE LINENS...

There were a dozen SETS of embroidered Days-of-the-week dishtowels ($21 for a complete set)...and a basket full of pillowcase sets that had been laundered, ironed and folded ($4 a set).

I don't know most quilt patterns, so I'm not gonna try...
But looking at the pictures, I CAN'T BELIEVE I DIDN'T BUY THEM ALL...
I did buy this one. What looks like a pale blue is actually a small blue and white stripe...and the pink is a red and white stripe...IT'S TERRIFIC, ISN'T IT??
But I think this was the star of the day. All different quilt patterns sewn together.
I think it was the original version of the Splendid Sampler!!
Mary bought this one and took it home!!
This is a double wedding right -- right?
And a Grandmother's Garden?
All those pesky little hexies...
One of the few photos we got of all five of us.
ANOTHER double wedding ring!!
Really -- there were SO MANY QUILT TOPS!!
This particular booth was all about the vintage linen.  The woman (just a guess) running this booth washed all the linens, and ironed most of them as well.  The quilt tops were all laundered, then folded neatly in a basket.  As we pulled out each one for a picture, the actual scope of the work became apparent.   It seems like the one quilter made all these quilt tops. Most of them were completely hand-stitched. NO KIDDING. Beautiful, beautiful work. The fabrics were the real deal -- vintage chicken feed sacks. The prints were so amazing...

And -- are you ready for this?  The price for the quilt tops?  $15 each.

Mary bought one, and I bought one.

Now that I'm looking at the pictures -- I'M GOING BACK!!  

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