Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hotel Blackhawk

Obviously, I enjoy writing this blog.   But there are some troublesome Blogger kinks that I can't figure out.  LINKING previous blog posts is one of my issues.

Anyway -- I tried to link an earlier post about my FIRST experience at the renovated Hotel Blackhawk -- way back in 2009.  The link did not work -- so HERE'S THE ORIGINAL POST.

It's only fitting that I should post it TODAY.  Linda's birthday...and -- hey -- JACKIE IS COMING TO TOWN.  AGAIN.  HURRAY...

After reading about the Blackhawk Hotel Restoration -- I KNEW this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. My cousin Jackie was going to be home for Christmas(she lives in Oklahoma how) -- so I decided we should have a COUSINS PARTY.

My first surprise guest -- my sister Ronda had absolutely no idea where I was taking her that day...(although she DID know she was helping to set up the "party" at a mystery location). She had NO CLUE -- right up to the moment we pulled up to the eternal flame outside the hotel...

Here we are -- the first TWO to arrive -- I took a shot of us in a hall mirror..

We were STUNNED by the beauty of the new was a cold day, we sat by the fire...
The SECOND guest to arrive at the mystery location was my cousin Kim. We met her at a store uptown -- then Ronda got in Kim's car. She HAD NO IDEA the party was at the Blackhawk....what is that, Kim -- a bottle of wine??

Jackie arrived with her sisters, Billie and Linda -- and we were all in place, at the lobby entrance, when our GUEST OF HONOR arrived -- my sister Deena!! Deena was working that day, so I delivered a programmed GARMIN to her house -- which talked her through the 30 minute drive to the hotel. Remember -- Deena's birthday is on December 25. So -- this was her official BIRTHDAY PARTY...and we surprised her, alright!!

Here's a picture of the whole crew. Deena, Jackie, Billie, Ronda, me, Kim and Linda...during our official "tour" of the renovated hotel.

I'll be putting up MORE PICTURES of the hotel -- and the cousins party. Garrison, one of the hotel desk managers, took us on a tour -- and we got to see EVERYTHING. The new pool, the old Davenport club, the Gold have noooo idea.

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