Tuesday, October 11, 2016

More Featherweight Love

Because I love alliteration, I considered having a "Featherweight Friday". But that would require some actual advance planning on my part -- and that just isn't how this blog rolls.

Several months ago, I committed to blogging every Wednesday about the Splendid Sampler...and YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HARD THAT IS.

I dunno...the older I get, the more I appreciate spontaneity...and I like to write about whatever moves me at the moment.

But my love and fascination with this Featherweight adventure ride is not going away....and I am thrilled whenever somebody NEW decides to climb aboard!!

So, WELCOME, PAT!! I'm anxious to see a picture of you and your new Featherweight. She sounds like a beauty!!
Pat can now teach her great-granddaughter how to SEW as well as how to COOK...(Pat and Lilly making pasta)

My TMBC crew. Remember our library workshop? WE ARE ALL LOVING our Featherweights...this was the first day Linda met hers...

My sisters now ALL HAVE TWO FEATHERWEIGHTS -- EACH. Both Deb and I have the folding table.
Deborah was the first to get a folding table. We didn't even know such a thing existed!!
So it should not be a surprise that it would be DEBORAH -- again -- who introduced us to THIS LITTLE TREASURE...
It is a SINGER FEATHERWEIGHT FOLDING IRON...!! Who knew??  And, boy, is it different from today's irons.  A very heavy little sucker that gets HOT, HOT, HOT...
And, Thanks to eBay, it is possible to purchase one of these irons in mint condition!!
The night we got together, I was SO ENVIOUS of Deb's wonderful little folding iron -- she offered to let me buy it.

THEN -- right there -- on her Smartphone -- she started bidding on another one on eBay!! (okay, there are moments when I miss my Smartphone...)

After I bought Deb's first iron for $60 -- Deb bought her second iron for only $49...

See, in some strange way,  we're saving money...!!

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  1. I don't have a Singer Travel Iron.....but I DO have a Vintage KWIK WAY Traveler....looks very similar & I made the mistake of trying to iron with it & scorched my fabric on the first touch.....HOT HOT HOT! LOL