Monday, October 24, 2016

Buying a new Washing Machine!!

Last year my TMBC friend, LP, bought a new washing machine. She knew she didn't want a front loader -- and after doing a lot of research, she purchased a Speed Queen, which she is very pleased with.

THAT triggered a little a trip down memory lane for me. Growing up, my parents owned several laundromats -- and they ALWAYS had Speed Queens.
My mother would never have considered any other brand at her house. And -- guess what -- THEY ARE STILL MADE IN AMERICA. Right here in Ripon, Wisconsin.

So, now I'm doing some research...and it was shocking how many people have replaced their $1000 front loaders after just five or six years.

But it ain't easy to buy a Speed Queen, cuz the big box stores don't carry 'em.  Then I remembered I have the internet.  HOLY COW.  YOU CAN BUY THEM FROM AMAZON..!!

Instead of me telling you my semi-worthless opinion -- I'm sharing this lively Amazon review from a real life consumer!!
The Speed Queen AWN412S is a dinosaur, in the sense that; it will not whistle Dixie when a cycle completes, agitation is louder than a front loader, and a whole truck load of ugly hit it on the way out of the factory. No electronics means no delayed start, no Wi-Fi, or latte dispenser. Add to that, your irritating neighbor who seems to have all the toys will look down her/ his nose at you for owning something that does not light up and sing 'Also Sprach Zarathustra', even though they only know the piece as "the theme to 2001 A Space Odyssey."

With that stated, this machine does what it is supposed to do. It cleans clothes, gently, effectively, and quickly. Use your egg timer if you need an end of cycle alert, 28 minutes for the Regular/Normal cycle by the way. The baby will fall asleep instantly listening to the rhythmic agitation phase. The spin cycle is butter smooth and very quiet. If you have a separate laundry room, the ugly problem is solved. If not, then put a plant on top of it and stop whining. As to the pesky neighbor, laugh out loud and point when they have to replace their 'fashion statement' machine for the fourth time, while your trusted old friend sits there and CLEANS YOUR CLOTHES.

Oh, and take the money you saved from replacing the machine over the years and go to Maui.
Get it while you can as apparently after 2017 machines like this will no longer be made, due to Federal regulation. It does use more water and electricity than a front loading machine. However, what is better for the environment? Having a machine that will be in use for decades? Or having a huge polluting manufacturing plant pouring out junk that has to be shipped off to the recycling/ landfill every 6 years? The water will be recycled and the AWN412S uses $43 per year in energy (with a electric water heater) as opposed to $23 per year for my old front loader.

Being "green" is an end to end process. You can not be "green" by purchasing manufactured products that have to be replaced at short intervals. There is a massive cost to the environment in building these things.
So, if you're in the market for a new washing machine -- YOU ARE IN LUCK.  At least, for one more year...

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  1. Thank you! My Speed Queen died several years ago. Since the big box stores around me and other appliance stores didn't carry them, I thought they were only making commercial washers. I am definitely going to be purchasing one before they change to the "energy efficient" models.