Thursday, October 27, 2016


I LOVE MY LIFE.  I always have. It's jam-packed with the usual things -- a little work, a lot of hobbies. Family and friends I love who love me back. I take joy from everyday things like doing laundry, cooking an ordinary meal, hemming pants for a neighbor or sewing a Halloween costume.


So, when my sister called and said, "Do you want to go see the Rockin Road to Dublin tomorrow night?" I did not hesitate at all.

YES, OF COURSE was my immediate answer...Even though I had no idea who these people were...

IT WAS A WONDERFUL SHOW!!  Irish dancing and singing -- all with a ROCK BAND that reminded my of the TSO concerts I loved so much. 
They didn't sell a lot of tickets during their one night stop at the Adler Theater in Davenport, Iowa...
Although THAT WAS THE GOOD NEWS for us -- because Deena got a screaming hot deal on SIX TICKETS...
Me, niece Nicole (she is Deena's Kenny Rogers buddy), Deena and her daughter Kelcy, friends Sarah and Val on the right side.
After the show, we spoke to the band in the lobby. THEY WERE TERRIFIC..!!
Such beautiful singing voices -- and the dancing was wonderful.
No doubt you have a venue near you that works hard to bring in acts...GET ON THEIR MAILING LIST. And even if it's a show you've never heard of -- GO. Watch for the specials. Be spontaneous. Invite your friends!!

Go to the Rockin Road to Dublin website to see if they might be coming to  a town near you!!  I think they are touring the western United States right now...

Thanks again, Deena -- for a WONDERFUL NIGHT!!

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