Thursday, October 13, 2016


Recently, a friend posted this on Facebook, "I :am in the market for a new washing machine. Front loader or top loader?"  She was shocked by the number of comments she got...and the conversation went on for a week.

It was VERY CLEAR that women hate, hate, hate their front loading washing machines!!  WOW...

It is no secret that I LOVE MY WASHING's a 20 year old Maytag...
This is a topic close to my heart, because I LOVE doing laundry. Helping Mom hang the laundry outside every Monday is one of my best childhood memories. And you know I am adamant about hanging my bed linens out on the line. Making a fresh bed every Monday is one of the HIGHLIGHTS OF MY WEEK... those fresh beds are a gift I give my family.

So, if you're in the market for a new washing machine any time soon -- here are a few things you should know.  First of all -- just ten years ago -- for less than $300, you could buy a great top loading washing machine that did a terrific job of cleaning your clothes. Even Consumer Reports, at that time, said, "with the proper soap and amount of water, any of the washing machines we reviewed would get your clothes clean."

THEN, the government started to issue regulations about "energy efficient" appliances.  Which, in the case of washing machines, meant use less water...

Here's an article in the 2011 Wall Street Journal that explains how, overnight,  a simple, efficient, top loading, agitator washing machine became an endangered species...(sorry the link didn't work -- if you read on, I've inserted the article in another blog post...)

In the blink of an eye, all washing machines in the big box stores were FRONT LOADERS. Which USE LESS WATER.  Because of their complicated gasket, they also cost about twice as much to purchase...and never mind that the "energy savings" is actually $23 a year versus $43.   

DO YOU WONDER WHY all your clothes smell musty?? THEY DO NOT USE ENOUGH WATER...

Several years ago, a friend of mine wanted to buy a new top loading washing machine, but nothing on the market would fit into her laundry room space. She eventually found one - for OVER A THOUSAND DOLLARS -- that was made in Germany. Ugh.

However, several months later, her husband said, "honey, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but all our towels smell like ass..."

The good news is that THERE WAS SUCH AN UPROAR from frustrated housewives all over the country -- the top loading washing machine is making a come back. But the bad news is that -- THEY STILL DON'T USE ENOUGH WATER...

There is more to this story than you might think....


  1. Top loader not using enough water??? Dreading the day my good ol' top loader gives out. Love the 4 water level settings.

  2. My hubby and I are still using our 25 ++ year old GE washing machine and dryer pair. We've had some very minor issues with the washing machine a couple years ago and fixed them. I had researched replacements but so may reviews about not enough water and the locking lid...basically no control. Best choice is the Speed Queen but not for long given government mandate. Full control of water level, open lid, start & stop. Expensive but very durable. Other closer option is the Fisher&Paykel WA3927G1 made in Australia.