Wednesday, December 30, 2015

TMBC Christmas Breakfast

Although we don't seem to actually plan it -- every year, the TMBC has some kind of Christmas party. Last year, Sandy had a Christmas breakfast at her house, (and we all took home Santa aprons).

This year, Linda Phillips invited us to breakfast at her house...
Linda is famous for her cooking, and organizational skills.  She loves trying out new Pinterest recipes...
The table was BEAUTIFULLY... set
We hat personalized glitter balls for place cards!
Really, Linda? Silver chargers??? 
The little shimmering box is full of homemade goodies to take home.
She used a fluted cutter to make her scones.
The other Linda brought a Sew and Tell...(and nobody was more surprised than she was!)
A new element this year -- BANANAGRAMS...
OH MY GOD...I am completely hooked. I cannot believe I didn't know about this game!!  Do you love Scrabble?? WELL, then -- YOU WILL GO NUTS over Bananagrams!! It's exactly like Scrabble, but without all the painful waiting for somebody else to use up your best spot!! AWESOME, AWESOME GAME...I made them all play four or five rounds after they were tired of it...!!
The TMBC -- Me, the two Lindas, and Sandy...ROCKED IT THIS YEAR...


  1. My daughter introduced me to Bananagrams a few years ago....LOVE LOVE LOVE the game!!!

  2. SEW fun! I'd just like to know why after eating multiple meals at Linda's (aka Mom's house) I didn't get a glitter box full of treats. I won't hold it against her as every meal was delicious and she introduced me to her homemade cheese crackers which are sooo good, I hope you've had them or get an invite soon.

    1. Dear Kim, Yes, your Mom's homemade crackers are AWESOME! I think she had many glitter boxes full of treats planned, but all the teenage boys ate them. (just a guess)

  3. At my old store, we sold Bananagrams and kept a game set up near the cash register for customers to play.