Saturday, December 26, 2015

Ronda's Christmas Meal

So -- what did my sister Ronda decide to cook for her family's Christmas dinner this year? MAGIC MOUNTAINS!!

I used to think this was a completely local invention -- only available at the popular 24-hour restaurant in Bettendorf, Iowa -- Ross's. President Obama's been has Pat Leslie, and Mary Mulari...lots of famous people...
like Alton Brown...
But now I know that in other parts of the world -- it's called a "horseshoe sandwich".  But when you consider how this concoction is put together -- it's very doable as a meal to feed a crowd...

A piece of Texas Toast, topped with a layer of cooked hamburger, covered with hot crispy french fries, then smothered with cheese sauce. (diced onions on top are optional.)
I'm telling you -- this is a little bit of heaven...
After Ronda thought about it -- she decided it would be the perfect meal for her family's unconventional Christmas dinner...

Buy some loaves of Texas Toast, brown the hamburger and hold it in a crock pot.  Dean cooked the french fries in his outdoor fish fryer...and the cheese sauce stayed hot in a second crock pot.

Yes, my sister Ronda is a was all I could do to NOT go over there and crash her Christmas Dinner..!!


  1. This is the first I've heard of these......hmmmmm...kinda like Haystacks......they would make a great family Christmas Dinner, too!!! We had Haystacks at my Step-Family Reunion this summer......they were a BIG hit!!!

  2. NOT the first I've heard of it but shocked to find out they are called Horseshoe sandwiches. I MUCH prefer magic mountains and totally a brilliant idea to feed a crowd.

    1. Couldn't let this's not a Magic Mountain to everyone.

    2. I LOVED THE LINK...that cheese sauce recipe is killer!! And adding A-1 sauce as a secret ingredient? I may be trying this soon...