Monday, December 28, 2015

Aunt Ada's Christmas Luncheon

My 80+ year old Aunt Ada still lives in her own home -- right across the street from her daughter, Linda. When I'm in town, I stop at her house to deliver a stash of new jig-saw puzzles.

And every now and then, she invites the TMBC to her house for a little party.
When her daughter Jackie (center) is in town visiting...
Or -- during the holiday season!!  (YES, that's jello made with red hots!)
Aunt Ada's sister, Caroline -- with her daughter Sandy, and d-o-l, Linda (two founding members of the Tuesday.Morning.Breakfast.Club).
We had ham, and rolls, and the jello salad, and some delicious Christmas goodies...
I particularly enjoyed looking at some old scrapbooks...(can you see me?)
And this comes under the category of You Learn Something New Everyday!!  (yes, a future post)

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