Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas in New York City

In December 1997 I went to New York City with my sisters Deena, Ronda, Deb and my cousin Kim.  OH MY was such a wonderful, memorable trip. I have a picture of us at Rockefeller Plaza sitting on my nightstand.  I see it every single day, and it ALWAYS makes me SMILE...

The tree was magnificent. Since that trip, every year when I watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade -- or the tree-lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Plaza -- I am snapped right back to those magical moments in New York City.. .spent with the women I most love in this world.

The last time I was in New York City during Christmas was in 2009 -- when my sister Deborah took ALL HER GIRLS. I was their unofficial tour guide. And we had a wonderful time. (I was learning how to blog -- so there were LOTS OF PICTURES.)...

As much as I love New York City -- every memory or good time I had was not because of the city -- but, rather, because of the people I was with.

Christmas is like that.  You could have the most elaborate tree in your neighborhood, the most perfect dinner in the history of Christmas dinners -- or the biggest train set in the State -- but if you don't have somebody to share it with -- what does it matter?

I try hard not to get all caught up in the decorating, cooking, shopping, etc.  Two weeks before Christmas, I put out the mugs and rugs.  I have Christmas CD's from Neil Diamond and Alvin and the Chipmunks...And the weekend before Christmas, we put up one white artificial tree with blue lights.  Lilly has been the sole decorator of that tree since she was 3 years old -- and that's fine with me.  The ornaments move a bit higher every year.  Maybe this year, Warren will help.

Of course, Christmas is about religion.  But it's also about making memories with the people you love.  And when it's all said and done -- what people remember...(often FOREVER) how you made them feel. 

So that's your mission.  Forget making the perfect Divinity (my Mom spent many hours laboring over that particular confection) or maxing out your credit cards to buy gifts they will not long remember.  Don't worry about cooking the most elaborate, delicious big sit down dinner at exactly 12:00 on the dot...relax.


Better yet -- Listen.

Play board games.

Eat nachos.


Ban cell phones.  (Good Luck, Ronda)...

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