Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday Morning Mourning

Dear Blog Readers,

I love Mondays. There's LAUNDRY...!! Carrie usually comes to help me do some major work in the house.

Last week, we got started with the Christmas decorations. (mugs and rugs).

We should be listening to Christmas music and making fudge...

But, today, I'm just not feeling my usual Monday morning enthusiasm.

Here's how this blog works...most of the time, I write a week or so in advance. The posts go up automatically, so they seldom have anything to do with current events. As you may have noticed, I HATE POLITICS. I mostly make fun of politicians...

Since December 2, along with everybody else in America, I have been mourning for the families and victims of the horrible mass murder in San Bernardino.

I don't get it. Any of it. How can people do this to other people? Was there a reason? Or was there no reason? Which is worse?

And that couple had a six month old baby? What happens to that child? Did they think about that? How does she grow up, in America -- born an American,  with everybody knowing her parents were cold- blooded murderers?

Where are the moderate Muslims in this country? Why don't we hear them screaming in pain at what this is doing to their community? Every attack only increases suspicion and fear. Which means less conversation, less understanding, and no hope for respect or acceptance...

I feel shaken. And sad. Really, really sad.

I don't write depressing. For me, this will pass....and I'll dig out of this hole I've fallen into.
But for all those families in California, that senseless shooting was THE moment that changed everything. Their lives will forever be measured by before and after. And I am very, very sad for them. For all of us.

Out of respect...I'm going to hit the pause key. I need to sew some dishrags this week....

But, after a little break -- I PROMISE YOU I will get back to my own version of chipper-Iowa-normal-blogging about everything and nothing.

Because, if I don't -- they win.


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