Monday, January 6, 2014

Warren's First ARCTIC Carseat Blanket

Iowa has been in the deep freeze for two weeks now.  Twenty BELOW ZERO today, folks!!   Warren still travels in one of those carry-along carseats -- but he keeps kicking off his blankets.

If you are a new Grandma -- the first thing you need to know is that living with a five-point harness baby seat is part of your life. It took me several tutorials (including a YouTube video) to actually figure out how to UNHARNESS the baby.

And, as the baby grows, making the straps longer requires a degree in mechanical engineering. It is a complicated process -- and every carseat manufacturer uses a different system.

Which is why, during the winter months, it is so difficult to get a baby in and out -- because if they're wearing coats or snowsuits -- the straps are way too tight. AND, during a long car ride, the baby gets overheated in a hurry.

So -- what's the answer?? MY SISTER DEENA -- Grandma Extraordinnaire -- told me about this swaddling blanket -- that keeps the infant warm while you are transporting them from the house OUT to the cold car. But because the blanket is UNDER the baby, with slits to accommodate the stays firmly in place, but can easily be opened up once you get the baby all buckled up...

With these frigid temperatures this winter -- I decided THIS would be a very good use of my sewing skills. AND t-shirt mountain...
Black polar fleece for one side.  You can almost see the three slits....and the turq decoration is a snowman...the words say "chillin with my BFF".
You lay it into the carseat -- and pull the harness out through the slits.
Then, you simply buckle the baby in as you normally would...
The warm magic happens when you fold in the sides...
I believe this is the most useful thing I HAVE EVER SEWED.  After this FIRST prototype carseat blanket -- I had a bright idea -- but that will be another post...(YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT...)


  1. Rita - do you have a "pattern" for this baby blanket for the car seat? Measurements, etc? Or did I miss that somewhere in your post? Thanks

  2. I didn't really have a pattern -- altho, I did "Google" free pattern for infant carseat blanket...and got a lot of hits. I hesitate to link any of them, because sometimes the instructions are very poor, and sometimes they are selling a pattern...

  3. thanks for responding I will just start googling and see what I can find. Great idea for a car seat.