Friday, December 27, 2013

Two Dogs Dining

Like every other woman in America, I am working my way through the Christmas Doldrums.  It's such a let down.  Because there's so much adrenaline in the ramping up to that special day -- all the pressure and preparation -- the constant many things to do, places to go, cookies to eat.  All that hype means the day AFTER Christmas feels like riding a busted balloon falling out of the sky....

But, hey -- I can handle this.  I didn't get to be this old without knowing how to cheer myself up.  So I have been eating chocolate,  spending pointless hours on Pinterest, and watching a Dance Moms marathon...and -- oh, yeah -- Facebook.  It's reassuring to know that everybody else is miserable, too. 

Then, too, I find stuff like this video.....Honestly, I don't know what I used to do for laughs...Really -- WHO THINKS OF THIS STUFF??

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