Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Pedicure

AND -- here's one of my favorite new Christmas traditions. I get a very merry pedicure. And if you live near me -- you might want to check out KT Nails on 53rd Street in Davenport. They do a wonderful job. The best thing about the pedicure is the 90 minutes I get to spend in the big comfortable massage chair. Wow. Awesome. There is always a foot massage...which starts with the bottom of my feet and goes all the way up to my knees. There is a hot towel, and lotion and some kind of scrub to defoliate the dead skin. She actually uses a cheese grater thingy to scrape off the calloused skin from the bottom and sides of my feet (yes, I know this is disgusting -- but there are people out there who think a pedicure is just about the polish.) NO -- IT'S WAY MORE THAN THAT.

TREAT YOURSELF...get a pedicure!! It's an affordable luxury...and YOU ARE WORTH IT..!! (they generally cost less than $30 -- depending on your area. There's a lot of competition out there.)
Maybe you can see it in this picture -- but there is a little crystal stone in the middle of my snowflake. Lillian was DELIGHTED...

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