Monday, September 24, 2012

Project Runway

This challenge started off at one of my FAVORITE PLACES in the world -- Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. To be more specific -- Radio City Music Hall!! Yeahhh... If you ever get to New York City -- TAKE THE TOUR. You will actually get to MEET a Rockette. It's an amazing place...all that Art Deco architecture.

Anyway -- Heidi looked great in the Rockette line-up. And I like this challenge. They were given $250 to spend at Mood -- to create their version of a 2012 Rockette costume. From the first moment -- I thought Boris (I mean, Dmetry) was going to take home the win. For crying out loud -- HE WAS A BALLROOM DANCER..!! He seemed confident, he knew exactly what kind of fabric he needed, and he understood how the costume should MOVE.

But I found myself rooting for Christopher. I loved the idea of using the New York City skyline. Although I didn't think it was 100% original -- I mean -- don't the judges remember Jay McCarroll's inspired-by-the-Chrysler-building dress?

After his evaluation -- where Tim was completely underwhelmed -- he gave them a chance to go back to Mood and spend another $100...

There were TWO kind gestures during this challenge. During the second visit to Mood -- Christopher offered $50 of his money to Melissa... And, as they were getting ready to go on the runway -- Vin offered to hand-sew the trim onto Melissa's unfinished dress. I don't know if the interesting thing is that both Chris and Vin were capable of doing a good deed...or that, in both cases -- Melissa was the one who needed the help...

Christopher and Dmetry were the top two designers -- and I thought it could have gone either way. The truth is, Christopher's garment didn't have much movement in the skirt -- and I thought that was a big miss. But the judges picked him as the winner and he was delighted.

However -- Dmetry gave him the evil eye. Christopher should not eat anything prepared by his Russian roommate...

Elena saved herself by sobbing on the Runway -- about how hard she's trying to listen to the judges and give them what they want. I think she is a WAY BETTER actress than she is a designer. She should have gone home...

Instead -- Vin went home for his boring blue dress. It's like he thought the challenge was: "let's pretend Queen Elizabeth wants to be a Rockette". The only thing missing was the handbag -- and maybe some white gloves...(which she would have been wearing, if they'd been on the Lord and Taylor accessory wall
However -- that said -- my biggest shock is that the judges GAVE THE FEATHERS A PASS.....that was such an obvious bad choice -- all the way around.  Uninspired, boring, impractical.  I like Sonji -- but she never had a plan and it showed.  She deserved to be sent packing.

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  1. I want to say, no, shout!!! - I finally loved how Heidi looked. That whole short dress thing is way past her time.