Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Playing Games

Growing up, every home we visited had a deck of cards. I played Gin Rummy with my Grandma, and King's Corner with my Aunt Glad. I'm pretty sure the reason I dropped out of college was because I was playing 500 until 3:00 AM every night...As a young married couple, John and I would get together with my parents or my sisters' -- and we'd visit while we played a few hands of Pinocle.

So I'm a big believer in playing games. But nowadays -- kids play games all by themselves on their I-Pad or DS -- so, there is no involvement with another real person. Instead of laughing and talking while taking turns, learning the rules, INTER-ACTING with each other -- they are sitting in a chair, lost in the zombie game zone.

The thing is -- for little kids -- games don't take much...I realized that AGAIN -- at Lillian's 4th birthday party. I paid $1.38 for this Pinata -- and Emily filled it with candy.

All we needed was a wiffle bat and some made-up-rules...

It's Clayton's turn -- and Myla is so happy for him -- (this picture wants to go sideways -- just turn your computer screen -- she is really, really cute...)

The BIG kids had to patiently wait until all the little ones had their turns...then Landon blasted it open....to shrieks of joy...(Lillian is protecting Oliver in the background -- or is she keeping him from scooping up all the candy??  Hummm...)

I'm just saying there is value in playing games. Making memories, having conversations...I'm afraid we're losing all that.

And -- speaking of rules -- did I mention that DEENA WAS HOGGING THE BABY???

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