Saturday, April 6, 2013

Norman KWQC-TV update

It has been a pleasure and an honor to serve on the Princeton committee working on the benefit for my friend Norman Sawyer. I can see that many of you are actually following on the Facebook page we set up for the benefit. My niece, Kelcy Hanson, has been invaluable to the committee -- using her mad Photoshop skills to work up the beautiful graphics AND setting up the Facebook page.

There are so many people working on the benefit -- gathering the auction items, organizing the entertainment element of the event, planning EVERY detail...all of us are just trying to help Norman.

Two weeks ago, Norman came back to the farm. His home is a very different place. To meet Norman -- here's the link to the story KWQC-TV did. Morgan Ottier (the young reporter who reminded Norman of his daughter Sarah) did a wonderful job.

So -- if you are going to be near Princeton, Iowa next weekend -- the benefit is April 13 -- starting at 4:00. Please come help us help Norman.

Since this happened to Norman, I live each day differently. Because now I am completely aware that everything can change in a blink. Norman's best advice?


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