Friday, April 26, 2013

Lillian's Treasure Hunts

Lillian learned at a young age that whenever Grandma Rita comes to visit -- THERE IS A PARTY..! And I always, always bring something with me....Of course, she soon figured out that the treasure COMES IN MY CAR...

As RitaLuck would have it -- the E team lives between me and my favorite auction house...So, on this day, when I stopped there on my way home -- Lillian could hardly wait to search my car. AND SHE WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!! There were games, puzzles....

AND there was this great circle vest in the car. REMEMBER THE NEW YORK CITY CIRCLE VEST?? Mary and I have been working on our new pattern -- and BOOM -- I find this child size version at a thrift store last week...

And note Sophie in the background. The always-present-ever-loyal-best-pet-a-kid-ever-had Sophie...(yes, there is a story coming)

Lillian picks out HER OWN CLOTHES. So she is quite the little mini-fashionista. The best part of the outfit she's wearing -- not only did she make the poncho a skirt -- she added the striped leggings. I thought she would love the colorful circle vest. She did not. When I was leaving, she said, "take this with you, Gransma. Not because I don't like it -- but because I will never wear it. Maybe if you sewed the holes shut, and made one big one, I could wear it like a skirt, with some pink pants..."
Emily looked at me and we both raised our eyebrows...I wonder if Nickelodeon would consider a kiddie version of Project Runway??

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