Tuesday, March 19, 2013


It is very different having Ross living with us again. After 15 years of him being GONE...with barely two or three visits a year...you would think it might be a difficult transition.

But it's okay. Going back to school has been a big adjustment for him. Most of the other students are young enough to be HIS children. Getting through nursing school is going to take longer than he thought. But having him here can be nice. Of course, it cuts down on our running around the house naked. But then again -- he helps John bring in the wood and shovel the snow.

He is getting to know Lillian and Warren. Here is a picture of the first smile I ever saw from baby Warren. It was for his Uncle Ross....

The day I was coming home from Seattle -- Ross picked me up at the airport. He wanted to go to the Belgian Village (a local bar famous for homemade bread and sandwiches) for a Vanderueben. Great... We both got a sandwich and ordered one to go for John. (I knew I would not be cooking for DAYS)...We talked about the show, what had been happening in Iowa...

The waitress put down the $30 bill...I said, "I always buy lunch for my airport ride, Ross"

Him: (as he handed me the bill)... that was my plan, Mom. After all, you are the reason I'm here.

Me: At the Belgian Village? I think that was your idea...

Him: Here on planet earth. When you decide to have a child, you take on certain responsibilities.

Me: is that right?

Him: yes. When Warren is hungry, they feed him...



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  1. Rita- This post kills me...I love the Belgian Village. My family used to live in the Quad Cities. We all loved the Belgian Village, Whitey's Shakes and Malts and Happy Joes Pizza. I am drooling now!
    Lori B.