Monday, March 18, 2013

Norm Sawyer Benefit

Norman and Lorna Sawyer are farmer friends of ours. Their son Neal (sitting on their porch) has been one of Ross's best friends since they were 5 years old...

My boys have always called her Aunt Lorna. Here's Lorna, making cookies for Valentine's Day...

On April 19, 2012, Norm and Neal were moving cattle on their farm. Norman fell off his four-wheeler and broke his neck. He was airlifted to a neuro-trauma hospital in Rockford, Illinois. In critical condition, he was paralyzed, on a ventilator and unable to speak or swallow. He had three surgeries to stabilize his neck.

For the last year -- Norman has been in various hospitals and Spinal Cord Injury Centers -- undergoing intensive rehabilitation.

Finally, after a year of rehabilitation and recovery, Norman is returning to the family farm. However, he is coming home to a very different house. There were many changes required to accommodate Norm's electric wheelchair. As well as extensive renovations and expenses to make the house handicapped accessible -- ramps, a wheelchair lift, handicapped bathroom, a ceiling hoist above the bed, a voice-activated computer, etc.

The cost of all this is stunning -- and the community wanted to help. So when the Zion Lutheran Church called and asked me to join the benefit committee -- of course I said yes. Guess what job they gave me? Public Relations!! Perfect....

My niece, Kelcy, using this picture of the Sawyer farm -- and her stellar Photoshop skills -- put together a beautiful poster -- which was printed in a mini and maxi version. They are up ALL OVER every little town in this county. The benefit will be April 13, 2013 -- at the Princeton Fire Department.

We (me and Kelcy) also set up a Facebook pageto help get the word out about the benefit. There will be a live auction and some baskets set up for a silent auction. There will be entertainment -- a choir AND young Keegan Harry and Cale Bowe will be performing a few musical numbers...

The meal will be BBQ beef, coleslaw, baked beans and lots of Church Lady PIES. Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for children (under 6 eat free).

If you are in the area -- PLEASE JOIN US. Help us help Norman. If you have anything you'd like to donate to the auction -- please contact me...
phone: 563 289 3280:
snail mail address: 1715 Pineo Grove Ct., Princeton, Iowa 52768)

Since Norman's accident, I often think about what I take for granted. Walking, talking, running, getting in the car, taking a shower, brushing my hair, making love, hanging the sheets out on the line, getting a pedicure, getting on a plane, sewing a goofy dress out of recycled t-shirts, cooking a meal, rocking a baby, picking my nose, getting together with friends for a restaurant meal -- going to the thrift store... And maybe that's the lesson. To appreciate the movement and activity of an ordinary day. To be understand that the little things really ARE the big things...

That's how it happens, isn't it? Your whole life changes in a blink....


  1. Yes, it does change in a blink of an eye, one year ago my husband had a major seizure and he has been home but now he is in another rehab center because of another seizure. On top of that he has dementia so it makes it especially hard but I keep telling myself and him that it's just a bump in the road and we'll make it through, there are people out there that have it worse off than we. Thank you for your blog, some days you make me laugh others like today you make me grateful for what we have. Sue from Bonney Lake Washington. Luckily I was able to take half a day off to enjoy Sew Expo this year, down from my usual two days but it was a blast.

  2. Sue -- Thank you for reading my blog... I am so glad you were able to come to Sew Expo for half a day. Time really is the most precious thing.

  3. Wow! If I lived in the area, I would most certainly be at the benefit. His accident happened on my wedding anniversary. My prayers for his continuing improvement.

  4. Thanks, Laura. And I always enjoy seeing you smile when I walk into a room....that would have been a real treat!